*  Any venue - no licence required

*  Any content - religious, non religious        or perhaps you'd like a mixture of two      religions

*  Any music

*  Write your own vows or promises

*  Hold a traditional ceremony or be            different

*  Mark the occasion with a symbolic          action such as lighting a unity candle

*  Ask a guest to read a special poem or    reading from your favourite book

Wedding Celebration Ceremony

Celebrate your wedding when, where and how you like!


If you are looking for something unique, special and different you are in the right place.  Holding your wedding celebration ceremony with a celebrant means you can tear up the rule book.  Have your day your way.




I would be truly honoured to write a bespoke ceremony that would be completely unique and personal to you both.  If you have special words you'd like to say to each other in your vows you can write your own (with or without my help).  Do you have a specific theme to your wedding?   Why not incorporate some wording to tie in with the theme and chose readings which compliment it too.  My job is to listen to your ideas, likes and dislikes and come up with something you will love.

I am committed to providing equality of service and care to everyone regardless of age, ability, gender, gender identity, race, religious belief or sexual orientation

IMPORTANT - A civil celebrant cannot perform a legal marriage.  A marriage certificate must be obtained from the local registrar prior to the celebration ceremony.  Usually a main register office will perform a couples and witness only marriage for £56

(price based on Hatfield register office at 1/10/17)

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Bespoke Ceremonies

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