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Ring Engraving Tools used by The Wedding Ring Engraver UK
Perry The Wedding Ring Engraver performing a live engraving during a wedding ceremony

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Thank you for being inquisitive and welcome to the ultimate WOW factor for your ceremony!

Ring Engraving Ceremony - If you are looking for the WOW factor, read on ...

Once all is said and done, the wearing of your wedding rings is the one outward sign that you have married the love of your life.  It’s a big deal!

So why not make that exchange of rings even more meaningful and memorable than ever before. 


Book the ring engraving ceremony and Perry shall hand engrave the inside of your two rings during the ceremony – at the front for all guests to witness.  It is a very quiet process since all engraving is done by hand, using a 500 year old skill with tiny chisel like tools called Gravers, there’s not a buzzing engraving pen in sight!


At the same time I will be telling your unique love story to your guests, and your rings will be ready for your ring bearer to collect and pass to me for the exchange of rings.

Perry has been hand engraving for almost 20 years, within that time he has become a Freeman of the City of London.  Perry has engraved for many of the top jewellers and goldsmiths in the UK, engraved on commissions for celebrities, gifts presented by royalty and has also worked on many prestigious trophies and sporting events such as Wimbledon, The FA Premier League Cup, The Augusta Masters and The ICC Cricket World Cup…  Why not add your wedding rings to that list?


This service truly is one of a kind, there are no other engravers worldwide currently offering the service of hand engraving your rings during your ceremony. 

Price – So, what’s the price for a one-of-a-kind ceremony, written by someone you have built a working relationship with and including a 500 year old skill, that your guests will never have witnessed before?

The price includes a full 2 hour consultation with Kelly, all writing of the script with regular updates for you to approve, use of PA equipment where required, a zoom rehearsal ahead of the day, Kelly’s attendance 1 hour before the ceremony to ensure its smooth running, the ceremony delivery, Perry’s attendance 2 hours before the ceremony to receive and prep your rings, hand engraving of your rings during the ceremony ready for the ring exchange, a commemorative certificate if you wish and a full souvenir printed copy of the script for you to keep as a memento.

*Rings are not included and you should discuss your ring choice with Perry before purchasing your rings

*Perry is happy to provide personal quotes for additional extras such as hand engraved gifts for your wedding party or guests (tie pins or necklaces).  These will either be hand engraved ahead of the day or during your drink’s reception and wedding breakfast

from £2495.00
(Inclouding VAT)

It doesn't matter who you are, who you love or your beliefs

I will happily provide equality of service to all.

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IMPORTANT - A celebrant cannot perform the legal marriage.  A marriage certificate must be obtained from the local registrar prior to the celebration ceremony.  Usually a main register office will perform a couples and witness only marriage for £46

(price based on Hatfield register office 1/03/2021)

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