Commitment Ceremony 

A commitment ceremony is intended for any adult couple that wish to celebrate their commitment to each other without undergoing a legal marriage or civil partnership.  As with any celebrant led ceremony, there are no rules. 


An exchange of rings, promises or vows can be made - whatever way you wish to symbolise and affirm your feelings for each other and for a future together. 


There are no legalities connected with a commitment.

Choices available for your day

ContentThe main reason to use a Celebrant is to have the content of your ceremony written for you and about you.  Your guests should be sitting there, totally engrossed in the stories I am relaying about you and they should be thinking "this is so you!"

This also means you have full choice of music, hymns, readings - with no rules about religious content

Venue - You can hold your ceremony anywhere to suit you - indoors or outdoors.  From grand hotels to intimate and less fussy community halls, maybe even your favourite restaurant!

Vows that WowYou probably wish to make your commitment with the exchange of vows and these can be written by you (with my help if you wish) and should be very meaningful to you as a couple. 

Guest Participationthere are so many ways we can involve other guests within your ceremony.  As simple as performing a reading or maybe a sand blending ceremony which allows you and perhaps your children to create a unique keepsake from your day


Photo Credit: Jack Wilson Studio

a finished sand blending

Price - So, what's the price for a totally unique ceremony created by someone you have built a proper working relationship with?

I feel I have priced my service to fall in line with the fees that my local registrars would charge to attend a licenced venue - however the value for money you will receive is so much higher than just turning up on the day.

The price includes a full 2 hour consultation, all writing of the script with regular updates for you to approve, the smooth running of the ceremony on the day, use of PA equipment where required, a commemorative certificate if you wish and a full souvenir printed copy of the script for you to keep as a memento.

Commitment Ceremony
                                        2022                2023

Mon - Fri                         £520                 £590

Sat, Sun, Bank Hol         £590                 £650

I am committed to providing equality of service and care to everyone regardless of age, ability, gender, gender identity, race, religious belief or sexual orientation

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