Commitment Ceremony 

A commitment ceremony is intended for any adult couple that wish to celebrate their commitment to each other without undergoing a legal marriage or civil partnership.  As with any celebrant lead ceremony, there are no rules.  An exchange of rings, promises or vows can be made - whatever way you wish to symbolise and affirm your feelings for each other and for a future together.  There are no legalities connected with a commitment.

*  Any venue - no licence required

*  Any content - religious, non religious        or perhaps you'd like a mixture of two    religions

*  Any music

*  Write your own vows or promises

*  Hold a traditional ceremony or be            different

*  Mark the occasion with a symbolic          action such as lighting a unity candle

*  Ask a guest to read a special poem or    reading from your favourite book

I am committed to providing equality of service and care to everyone regardless of age, ability, gender, gender identity, race, religious belief or sexual orientation

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Bespoke Ceremonies

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